Mystery shopping Investigations

Store Detection With a different view, especially more different and objective from customers, we measure all the criterias you would like to view and understand. We do it with our special team.

Analysis of rivals; 
What is the situation of you and your rivals service standarts and quality provided? We can give you the oppurtunity to follow the results continiously by constracting special modellings for your company.

Customer satisfaction and perceptual measurement;   By measuring perception, satisfaction, and expectations of your customers and also potential customers under the brand, product and concept names, we can bring up a map which will increase customer satisfaction. At the same time, you may bring up an ideal situaton to understand your clients perception better.

Staff satisfaction measurement;  By setting out with the idea ''Happy staff creates happy customers''; you may answer many questions such as ''How does your staff approach to the existing conditions?'' .It also helps managers to comprahend their staff's perception, and dependence on the company.

Dealer and channel satisfactionWhile measuring the dealers satisfaction, the channels which are recieving service from the dealers are visited and measured as well. Thanks to this, the company can reach the satisfaction results from the both sides.




Fuel Stations,


Shopping Centres,



The automative industry,


Cargo Companies,

Call Centres,


Insurance Companies,

Technical services,

Franchise Shops,

Retail shops,



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