Mystery Shopper

What is the mystery shopper measurement?

Mystery shopping, which as known as obsecure shopper, or shadow shopper,is the information gathering method that helps company that has many branches to improve defections of business, how good is the standarts are set by the branches and to catch the missing points of the service.

Mystery shoppig projects is a evaluating system that is specially designed for the business companies.The  diligent companies which pay attention on service quality in each brances of business,  evaluate their performance rating  by forming a picture of the customers.At the same time, they find a chance to evaluate their own performance if they base take the rivals service quality.

Why mystery shopping measurement?

This is a measurement type that improves productivity,product quality, and service quality of companies branch businesses which are not under the same roof by inspecting working staffs knowladge, skills, physical conditions, sufficiency of the services and their behivour  to customers by putting themselves in the clients shoes.

Permenancy is very important in increasing the measurements. Only with this way, it is possible to follow the imrovements in the business. Open improvement fields can be  stated, and can take actions to fix them.

In mystery shopping actions, the shoppers who are professional consumers themselves, begin to visit the defined points informingly by hiding their identification and acting as they are really customers. Evaluations of the branches, point of sales, are made in terms of service quality and appropriation of standarts as filling the rating forms  after each visit, which are prepared in the beginning.

What is the purpose of Mystery Shopper Measuement?

    • Increasing the service standarts: Especially for the customers of the global and exclusive dealership companies to recieve same service/standarts from each branches.
    • Reflecting the joint corporation culture: Reflecting the joint corporation culture from each branches.
    • Product standardartization:  Providing the same product quality without comprimising.
    • Price standardization: Equalizing the product prices in each branches to not to create an unfair competition.
    • Active selling techniques: Controlling the selling techniques to increase sales.
    • Planning on education: Stating the imperfections in all those issues and modifying education needs to correct them.

    Who is the mystery shopper?

    In fact all of us are mystery shoppers. We are having various shopping experiences everyday. In mystery shopping measurements, here are the steps to become important in choosing the right mystery shopper:
    A-) Choosing the right mystery shopper to reflect companies customer profile.
    B-) Providing the special necesarry education.
    C-) Providing an objective measurement report.
    Mystery shopping measurements is defined as specially choosen and educated mystery shopper teams  experience of buying any service/product, estimating and reporting  them with details as being objective.
    You may reach us wherever you locate, in Turkey. Due to this, we have got 100.000 mystery shopper datas updated.

    Become a mystery shopper:

    The flow of Project.

      • Analysis of necessity : We visit you to analyse our common necessities.
      • Composing an observation form: We prepare the question forms which are going to be used in visits, according with the necessities.
      • Determining the mystery shopper profile: We select the mystery shoppers who suit your companies customer profile.
      • Organizing a visit list: We organize different routes for each point.
      • Charging mystery shoppers: We educate our mystery shoppers in advance.
      • Receiving visit reports: We take reports from mystery shoppers measurements, observations and experiences regarding the visit.
      • Quality control: We put all the reports through a logic test and control the datas.
      • Reporting: Due to a special software system that we will also be sharing with yourself, it is possible for you to follow the reports with us at the same time.

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